STARAMBA is a young start-up from Berlin. Since early 2014, we have been producing photorealistic 3D characters. Today, we can lean on a large distribution network – including STUDIOLINE – and a growing number of renowned partners. Find out what makes STARAMBA so unique here.


Our Know-How:

Construction of scanner


360°-Full scan




3D-Print & Post processing




Marketing & Design


Worldwide sales


Cutting-Edge Technology and Meticulous Craftsmanship

The quality of the technology in use is crucial in 3D printing. Therefore, we only use some of the most modern scanners and 3D printers for our work. But that is not enough for us. In order to make for thoroughly satisfying and individual results, experienced 3D specialists are at work for you at STARAMBA, perfecting every single character in complex manual labor. Both modern technology and craftsmanship ensure that our models look like the original.
By the way: STARAMBA technology is in use at theme parks and movie studios worldwide – such as for the hit series “Game of Thrones,” among others. You can now book our 3D scanners for your personal use – either stationary or mobile.

Simple, fast and flexible

STARAMBA 3D characters are unique decorations, collectibles or gifts for any fan. When ordering and during our production, we place great emphasis on flexibility and simplicity. You can order our 3D models with just a few clicks. The 3D configurator gives you the opportunity to customize these models according to your wishes. If you wish to create a 3D model of yourself and your idol, then simply visit the closest STUDIOLINE for a 360° scan.
Discover the many possibilities that modern 3D printing offers to you, and get close to your favorite celebrity thanks to STARAMBA!

Exclusive Offer

We want to create unforgettable snapshots that you can touch, of you or your loved ones, your favorite star or you and your favorite star. As such, we offer you opportunities that you can only find here.
As the only company worldwide, STARAMBA has exclusive rights for manufacturing lifelike images of stars such as famous musicians, athletes, actors or other famous people in 3D. These celebrities are just as excited about our models as their fans. As such, our license portfolio as well as the STARAMBA product range are growing steadily.

You won't believe how lifelike these 3D printed figurines are. It's amazing!

Ralf MöllerActor

Thanks for your great work and greetings from Switzerland.